Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to ban all unguided walking in Mana Pools

Extract from  www.tourismupdate.co.za newsflash

“Concern about increasing unsanctioned and uncontrolled human behaviour has led the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) to ban all unguided walking. Flouting of the rules runs a whole gamut from chasing and crowding animals, to unlicensed tour operating and commercial photographers, to off-road driving. The culprits appear to be a small minority, but incidents have grown along with the park’s popularity.”

” While visitors will now have to take their walks accompanied by a ranger or professional guide, the ZPWMA’s stretched resources also come into play; it is unlikely to provide sufficient guides for this purpose. Guidance will come at a cost too – US$25 a day for groups of three to six and US$30 per hour for smaller groups (non-resident rate). Visitors will, however, be permitted to bring a professional guide with them during their stay. Founder of Bulawayo-based African Bush Camps, Beks Ndlovu, says the ban is a great pity. “We do, however, understand the reasoning behind the ban, based on the abuse that has taken place by certain visitors in the past and the affect this has had, not only on the wildlife but also on the enjoyment of other guests visiting the national park.”  See more at: http://www.tourismupdate.co.za/Home/Detail?articleId=49990#sthash.gnXiVnJP.dpuf

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