iSimangaliso Turtle Tour operators


Reseachers workking on an adult Loggerhead Turtle


An adult Leatherback Turtle nesting high up on the beach

Newly appointed iSimangaliso Turtle Tour operators

Operator Section Contact Person Contact Email
Phinda Sodwana Taryn Goetzsche 035 5624524
Ufudu Tours Sodwana Peter Jacobs 082 3911503
Thompsons Tours Eastern Shores Malcolm Organ 035 5901584 or 035 5623001
Shoreline Eastern Shores Mandy Muir 035 590 1555
(Walking tour) Kosi Bay Thembile Ngubane 073 2280 934 n/a
(Walking tour) Kosi Bay Simangaliso Mageba 072 7252 738 n/a
(Walking tour) Kosi Bay Shadrack Mathenjwa 082 6384 488 n/a
(Walking tour) Kosi Bay Sthembiso Mthembu 071 1546 623 n/a

Summary statistics for loggerhead and leatherback turtles nesting in iSimangaliso

Loggerheads Leatherbacks
Population size (number of females nesting per year) 700 females per season 70 females per season
Population Trend (is the number of turtles increasing or decreasing) Increasing Stable
Size (average shell length) 86 cm 160 cm
Diet of adult turtles Crabs, snails and starfish Jellyfish
Age to sexual maturity 36 years 12 years
Breeding frequency (number of years between nesting seasons) 3 years 3 years
Reproductive lifespan (number of years between first and last nesting) 18 years 16 years
Number of eggs per female over a nesting season 390 eggs 700 eggs
Emergence success (% eggs that produce viable hatchlings) 80% 70%
Number of hatchlings produced per female per season 300 hatchlings 480 hatchlings
Total hatchlings produced each year 63 000-144 000 36 000-52 000

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