Bird-feeders in your garden

Simple bird-feeder for your garden. Birds like to have a quick escape route, so hang it where there are bushes for them to hop into if they feel threatened!

Birds dont mind over-ripened fruit! It attracts other insects for them to feed off!

A simple bird-feeding table can be constructed out of a small squre of wood; a long nail; a small nail; approximately 5 metres of nylon string; a small pulley.

Firstly, choose your sturdy tree near a bit of shrubbery, so that the birds feel safe. 

1.  Cut a square of wood, or use off-cuts  to make a platform – make it roughly 25 cm wide

2. Hammer the long nail into the centre of the square, with the point facing skywards

3. Cut 4 pieces of string, each about half a metre  in length. Tie these to each corner of the wooden platform.

4. Tie the pulley to a horizontal branch of your chosen tree.

5. Carefully hammer the smaller nail iton the tree trunk, quite low down so that you can reach it easily.

6. Tie those four pieces of secured string together, so that it forms a “pyramid” shape. At the point, tie another single strand (about three metres long) of string and feed it through the pulley. Tie a little loop at the end of this piece of string.

7. Hang the string over the branch and hoist your feeding platform up to the height you want it, then put the loop over the small nail head to keep it stable.

8.  Cut a slice out of an apple (or other fruit) and stick the whole apple onto the nail on the platform. You can lie a chunk of ripe banana (do not peel it completely) next to it for all the little fruit-eaters.

A Sunbird feeding

SUNBIRD FEEDERS made from glass Tomato Sauce bottles, plastic 2l cold-drink bottle, manufactured plastic containers. These can be purchsed from selected shops along the Midlands Meander or Hardware stores.

A simple Recipe for homemade nectar that we are using successfully, is – 3 and a half heaped table-spoons of sugar, dissolved in 400ml of tap water. This is changed every weekend.


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